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Data Leakage Prevention

  • Disable Ports to prevent your unsecured data from unauthorized access

  • Block USB for scheduled duration to prohibit data theft

  • Multiple Alerts! When illegitimate access is attempted on your PC

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Data Leak Prevention

Safeguard your critical data with Port Locker ! Get immediate 24x6 assistance from our dedicated technical experts

Data Leakage Protection
Manage password protected blocking of selected ports

Your valuable business or personal data is most susceptible to insider threats. Defend your vital data and information with a protective shield of authorized password. Block or unblock single as well as multiple ports with the help of a secured data loss prevention software.

Data Loss Prevention
Customize Data Leakage Prevention with differential locking option

Prohibit data breach by ensuring selective locking of various ports, with permanent or scheduled locking option. You can now block selected ports even when computer is idle or untouched. The Data Leakage Prevention software gives detailed log of every transferred file.

port locker
Obtain file transfer logs as well as logs of activities on differentially blocked ports

Now, stay aware about all the malicious advances done on your data security. Obtain complete report about unblocked, partially blocked and blocked ports.

USB Security Manager
Prevent information leakage through Print Screen locking

Now, inhibit vulnerable access to your critical data with the unique Print Screen locking feature of Port locker software, and get comprehensive data security.

What users are saying

"Nice Made and It is really breakage continous leakage of my confidential data from my laptop. I really appriciate the developers who created this multipurpose data prevention port locker software."
Vijay Singh, Mumbai


"It's ID function is an brilliant idea that I got from this software where no other usb devices can access into my office PC. Really helpful to gaurd in my absence."
Thank you
Marie D. Bohrer
Wolf Pen Road, Oakland, CA 94612


"It was very pathetic situation for me when my important data got theft from my system using pen drive. But by using Port Locker for Windows I can stop unauthorized access. Thanks to Port Locker for Windows."
Richard L. Gardner
Smith Street, Greendale, MA 01606


"Instant Technical Support !! Windows issue resolve instantly."
Michael C. Goodfellow
Hounslow Rd, SMEETH, TN25 0QE